Sunday, August 13, 2017

Coming up in a few weeks, the return of Acting Out! Fest, founded by WCSB DJ and Rock Conoisseur Derek Hess, his long-time business agent, Martin Geramita, and marketing / events guru, Angie Hetrick.

The event mission is to break down the stigmas surrounding mental illness and addiction, a matter especially important to Hess, whose struggles with bipolar disorder and substance abuse are not only well known, they’re integral subjects to his emotionally charged artwork

ACTING OUT Cleveland is a four-day series of public art events, including film, visual art, music, comedy and panel discussion. Mental illness, addiction, and creative brilliance often go hand and hand, particularly when it comes to the arts. Derek Hess understands artists like himself are in a unique position to start dialogues about intimate universal struggles without as much fear of judgment.

More information and a schedule can be found at and on the facebook at 



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