Alien Visitor (Sci-Fi)
Arachnid (Horror Film)
Avenger X (Sci-Fi / Action)
Cupid (Horror Film)
Dead Heat (Action Film)
Don’t be a Menace (Comedy Feat. Wayans Bros)
Doppelganger (Horror Film)
Earth vs. the Spider (Sci-Fi / Horror)
Eve of Destruction (Sci-Fi / Action)
Evolution (Sci-Fi/Drama)
The Frightening (Horror Film)
Full Moon High (Dark Comedy / Horror)
Jupiter’s Wife (Drama)
Legend of the Dinosaurs (Sci-Fi / Horror)
Martians Go Home! (Sci-Fi / Comedy)
Night Stalker (Horror Film)
Nomads (Sci-Fi / Thriller)
Not of this Earth (Sci-Fi / Action)
Reptilian (Sci-Fi / Action)
Screamers (Sci-Fi / Action)
She Creature (Horror Film)
Things To Come (Sci-Fi)
Two of a Kind (Romance Film)
The   Unearthly (Vintage Horror)
Vibrations (Drama)
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