Set To Self-Destruct

Hosted by: Julie G.

Genre: Rock
Mondays 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Psychedelic sauerkraut popsicles for your misfit experiments
Genres: Freakbeat, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Punk, Experimental and sounds in between the lines


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Playlist from Last Show

the easybeats – made my bed gonna lie in it
the balloon farm – hurtin for your love
the razor\’s edge – baby\’s on his way

the peanut butter conspiracy – time is after you
the ashes – dark on you now
the contents are – uni-love
dantalion\’s chariot – madman running through the fields

mandrake memorial – volcano
kaleidoscope (uk) – (further reflections) in the room of percussion
pip proud – a bird in the engine

guru guru – der lsd-march
the holy modal rounders – indian war whoop
the poets – in your tower

bag – tripdream
dragonfly – celestial empire
lumerians – calalini rises
sun ra – wurlitzer and celeste

the paperhead – old fashioned kind
mecki mark men – running in the summernight
ernst schultz – paranoid picknick

frankie dymon jr. – aftermyth
lucky pierre – fans and cameras
the gizmos – that\’s cool
easter & the totem – nothing there
ebba gron – profit

x-x – no noncents

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