Set To Self-Destruct

Hosted by: Julie G.

Genre: Rock
Mondays 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Psychedelic sauerkraut popsicles for your misfit experiments
Genres: Freakbeat, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Punk, Experimental and sounds in between the lines


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Playlist from Last Show

ron wray light show – speed
george kerr orchestra – back lash
the monks – monk time
tomorrow – the incredible life of timothy chase
autosalvage – good morning blues
groove-u – get on up

stone harbour – rock & roll puzzle
pearls before swine – the surrealist waltz
joe meek – march of the driblots
the bohemians – all kinds of lows & all kinds of highs
lazy smoke – salty people

the rolling stones – she\’s a rainbow
painted ship – frustration
the standells – my little red book
c.a. quintet – cold spider
acid eater – never alone

bobb trimble – your little pawn
departmentstore santas – kaleidoscope
fille qui mousse – cantante disparte
little fyodor – coffee dump

family fodder – sunday girls
desperate bicycles – teacher\’s prayer
urinals – male masturbation/orange anal sin
scars – she\’s alive
banque allemande – schwarz von schwarzer wand

the stooges – down on the street
protomartyr – trust me billy
the chronics – test tube baby