Set To Self-Destruct

Hosted by: Julie G.

Genre: Rock
Mondays 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Psychedelic sauerkraut popsicles for your misfit experiments
Genres: Freakbeat, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Punk, Experimental and sounds in between the lines


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Playlist from Last Show

lee hazlewood – them girls
mark gerrie – ink pot eyes
the folklords – the slave

the frowning clouds – all night long
bohemian vendetta – irrestible
the hi numbers – heart of stone * (stones cover)
the riptides – stay with me
orca team – let it go

the id – the rake – weird production?
tiffany shade – would you take my mind out for a walk
the mystic tide – psychedelic journey pt. 1
harumi – hunters of heaven

sun ra & the intergalactic space research arkestra – enlightment/love in outer space
stone harbour – grains of sand
floh de cologne – wir brauchen keine millionare
heldon – ouais marchais, mieux qu\’en 68

limbus 3 – valilha
michael rother – karussell
harmonia & eno 76 – vamos companeros

ausmuteants – blood nose
owen maercks – heart transplant
kitchen & the plastic spoons – ice cream to god
x_x – A.
screaming tribesmen – trans 33
urinals – go away girl

geza x – the paranoids are coming
the flesh eaters – buried treasure
william onyeabor – let\’s fall in love

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