Abyssinian Space Invasion

Hosted by: Hama

Genre: Avant-Garde
Fridays 9:00 am – 11:00 am

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This show is about connecting music and ideas. Its about reaching into the past in order to give people a better idea of how current trends came about. Its about blurring geographical,ethnic and political lines in an attempt to show people how even before the internet age music was uniting people around the globe. Its about showing how for example Cuban music was changing how Africans made music in the 1940’s or show how Jimi Hendrix’s explorations in psychedelic rock was pushing musicians everywhere from Brazil to Nigeria to Egypt to take their native music and push it into bolder directions. The show is essentially about connections the connection of ideas, the connection of cultures, and most importantly boiling it all down till listeners can’t tell the difference between categories and only care about whether the ideas move them or not.