The Tuesday Club

Hosted by: Stephe/Will/Dave

Genre: Freeform
Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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SteveDK, Will and Dave flip-flop this time slot, so that every other week youll hear Stephe\'s recipe: \"take all available recordings, throw in bonfire, inhale fumes, vomit resulting mixture onto airwaves\" Will\'s recipe: \"Every week is different cuisine, usually manifesting in one of the following styles: post punk, minimal, dark wave, ambient, synth pop, experimental, musique concrete, noise coming to your via his loyal and trusty laptop or one of our magical turntables.\" Daves recipe: \"In a pre-heated cd player, sprinkle trip hop, fold in electronic , saute ambient, roll in crumbled rock. Garnish with jazz. Serve with a side of vinyl. Cook for 2 hours.\"