Rust Never Sleeps

Hosted by: beth

Genre: Freeform / Talk
Tuesdays 5:00 am – 7:00 am

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less talk, more tunes.

Playlist from Last Show

playlist 4/8/14 –
pale saints – fine friend
frodus – belgian congo
U2 – the fly
autolux – sugarless
ride – I\’m fine thanks
my bloody valentine – you never should
tiger trap – don\’t ask
burning airlines – carnival
hum – the scientists
failure – stuck on you
and you will know us… – half of what
starflyer 59 – all the things you want are the things I need
catherine wheel – crawling over me
god machine – devil song
nirvana – dive
queens of the stone age – two tears
cave in – anchor
swervedriver – for seeking heat
monster magnet – powertrip
jucifer – window
faith no more – what a day
fugazi- public witness
the breeders – cannonball
50 foot wave – clara bow
quicksand – dine alone
love battery -half past you
sweet apple – let\’s take the same plane/ wish you could stay a little longer
duke spirit – this ship was built to last
sleater kinney- you\’re no rock and roll fun
jesus and mary chain – something I can\’t have.