Rust Never Sleeps

Hosted by: beth

Genre: Freeform / Talk
Tuesdays 5:00 am – 7:00 am

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less talk, more tunes.

Playlist from Last Show

dirty three – restless waves
pelican – what we come to need
isis & aereogramme – stolen
my bloody valentine – only shallow
tone – sketch
unwound – october all over
swans – screen shot
godflesh – ringer
big black – kerosene
hammerhead – starline locomotive
tar – trauma
plexi – dimension
queens of the stone age – two tears
nirvana – dive
throwing muses – milan
echobelly – angel b
catherine wheel – intravenous
seaweed – antilyrical
white lung – face down
fu manchu – unknown world
melvins – youth of america (wipers cover)
monster magnet – brainstorm (hawkwind cover)
jesus lizard – needles for teeth
faith no more – what a day
fugazi – great cop

mogwai – ratts of the capital
gy!be – dead flag blues
subrosa – the inheritance
storm of light – leave no wounds
sunny day real estate – pillars
black math horseman – origin of savagery
pj harvey – the whores hustle and the hustlers whore
U2 – bullet the blue sky
quicksand – head to wall
jeff buckley – eternal life
embrace – do not consider yourself free
monster magnet -baby gotterdammerung
isis – celestial (justin broadrick remix)
tar – walking the king
bad brains – i and i survive
john frusciante – inside a break
jawbox – ones and zeros
jawbreaker – I love you so much it\\\\\\\’s killing us both
faith no more – smaller and smaller
failure – let it drip
catherine wheel – kill my soul
kyuss – apothecaries weight
nothing – get well
jamc – stardust remedy
sleep – the clarity

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