Drinking Electricity

Hosted by: Beth

Genre: Rock
Fridays 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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New wave, no wave and post punk delights

Playlist from Last Show

*white overalls-la dusseldorf
*that\’s the way it goes-999
*lola rastaquouere-chateau flight
*little boy-the signals
*do it to it-library science
*dynamite-the del-gators
*hello, i love you-adam ant
*hot water-jad and nao
*parallel parka-secret mommy
*rendezvous-the db\’s
*beat it-senor coconut and his orchestra
*heartbeat-big black
*killer boogie-theyr
*don\’t just stand there-patty duke
*toho picture-xeno & oaklander
*family tongues-night moves
*young and gay-austra
*tomorrow may never come-yoko ono
*factory walk-neon judgment
*turtles have short legs-can
*blow you a kiss-redd kross
*ignore the machine-alien sex fiend
*maisie-syd barrett
*shake me-land shark
*you looked so pretty when-willie alexander
*cosmical triggers-skates
*inside-14 iced bears
*push, pull or drag-quintron
*roller ball-sort sol
*hearts and minds-nitzer ebb
*north street-death
*svarturgitar-bubbi & das kapital

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