Drinking Electricity

Hosted by: Beth

Genre: Rock
Fridays 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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New wave, no wave and post punk delights

Playlist from Last Show

*stay in time-off broadway USA
*shake it up (ain\’t it time?)-the cryers
*shout me out-TV on the radio
*crowded room-XTC
*you don\’t mind-mon frere
*regiment-david byrne & brian eno (request)
*dream machines-big deal (request)
*brown bag-smog
*heart of stone-the mekons
*baby\’s day out-the bangs
*just step-the fall
*she wanna-miss alex white & the red orchestra
*wreckin\’ ball-full time men
*blurred-turquoise days
*yea, yea, yea-the manta rays
*take a look at yourself-sound system
*nomad for love (cannibal)-gang gang dance
*nitroglycerine-the gories
*breaking the rules-ludus
*sixteen days-modern english
*murder city nights-radio birdman
*torso corso-lizzy mercier descloux
*barbra-the modernettes
*love detective-arab strap
*chewinggum-stereo total
*molecule-obnox (from his latest album \”Louder Space\”–official release party at NTC tonight)
*dream-minny pops
*night visit-minny pops
*i will be your only one-malaria!
*running away-the romantics
*impulse-chris & cosey
*can\’t explain-elton motello
*blondie red head-DNA
*gray palisades-wet hair
*kick in the eye-bauhaus