Drinking Electricity

Hosted by: Beth

Genre: Rock
Fridays 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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New wave, no wave and post punk delights

Playlist from Last Show

*head held high-vic godard and the subway sect
*all (no surprise)-chainsaw kittens
*i didn\’t have the nerve to say-blondie
*babcock + wilcox-thick pigeon
*hoola-archie bronson outfit
*dis lui non-francoise hardy
*change with the changing times-the db\’s
*put the blame on me-girl trouble
*the baby screams-the cure (request)
*another one rides the bus-weird al yankovic
*the rest of my days-gentleman jesse & his men
*when planets collide-viva voce
*even lower manhattan-menthol wars
*hey, boy! hey, girl!-louis prima feat. keely smith
*king\’s lead hat-brian eno
*titanium expose-sonic youth
*friends-flight of the conchords
*cannons-siouxsie & the banshees
*hey sailor-detroit cobras (request)
*clean, clean-buggles
*new york-the rentals
*future shock-monte cazazza with chris & cosey
*the love between-white fence
*geraldine i need money (more than i need you)-classic ruins
*my mechanical friend-grace potter feat. the flaming lips
*you may be right-the chipmunks
*watch that man-david bowie (request)
*dream baby dream-angel corpus christi
*twentynine-jon spencer blues explosion
*thunder-the runaways
*the end-vivian girls