Drinking Electricity

Hosted by: Beth

Genre: Rock
Fridays 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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New wave, no wave and post punk delights

Playlist from Last Show

*burnt orange peel-beck
*pioneers-suburban lawns
*stop killing me-the primitives
*decisions are made-religious knives
*you really got me-dalek i love you
*sweet tea-the woggles
*silver lining-stiff little fingers
*love is a shadow-the skygreen leopards
*loving you through it all-ween
*watusi rodeo-guadalcanal diary
*i am the bomb-bartok
*every single line means something-marnie stern
*reptile-the church
*get outta my hair-the gruesomes
*i only have eyes for you-grenadine
*all out to get you-the english beat
*sunstroke/it\’s alive-la luz
*with a hip-echo & the bunnymen
*make up your mind-stiv bators
*in the snow-miss alex white & the red orchestra
*illustrated crawling-green on red
*percusex-chris & cosey
*is this real?-the wipers
*james-the bangles
*catch that look-i start counting
*get what you give-the men
*can\’t stand the pain-the pretty things
*war-tones on tail
*unbeschreiblich-nina hagen band
*frequency meltdown-the warlocks
*no one like you-best coast
*speak my language-the cure

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