Drinking Electricity

Hosted by: Beth

Genre: Rock
Fridays 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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New wave, no wave and post punk delights

Playlist from Last Show

*no satisfaction-black mountain
*crowded room-XTC
*you pull my tongue out-brave combo
*perfect example-husker du
*going out of my mind-lee joseph
*little green bag-the george baker selection
*farmer john-the delmonas
*superstar-thee hydrogen terrors
*downer street-squares
*do you see my love (for you growing)-the dirtbombs
*goin\’ out of my head-brian briggs
*watching her tumble-the underlings
*volcano-turbo fruits
*superabound-frank black (request)
*circuit-delta 5
*nothing\’s from today-the vipers
*i\’m walkin\’-industrious fleas
*i don\’t know what to do with my life-the buzzcocks
*dining room-bpa
*homebreaker-suede brothers
*1-2-3 red light-1910 fruitgum co.
*boss hoss-kings of rock
*dancing in isolation-teri nunn
*everybody wants to be my sister-the libertines
*sleep on the left side-cornershop
*die laughing-tiger lilly
*mah-na mah-na-piero umiliani
*letter from the USA-bram tchaikovsky
*apocalypse dreams-tame impala
*let it burn-braille party
*rocky road-the overwhelming colorfast
*petrol-severed heads