Sunday, December 31, 2017

Here we are with lots to be grateful for of course, with a slammin’ Nox Boys, Exploding LIes, and Rumbling Spires WCSB Benefit at the Beachland and Blues Bash Benefit with The Blues Devils and Blue Lunch at Wilberts, a wildly successful Record Fair, the return of the Halloween Ball, some standout “WCSB presents” concerts, with Barlow/Relaxer/Biitchseat at Mahall’s, and Honey Radar / Perverts Again / Edwin Augustin at the Happy Dog. We had a spreadsheet-breaking Radiothon (premiums are 99% mailed out, we had a few address glitches, and will be fixing those this coming Tuesday,  if you haven’t gotten your premium by Friday, Jan 5, please contact us at It’s also been a year of construction, as the Cole Center building we are in is opening as a Campus International High School, so once the construction is over, we’ve got screaming teens to celebrate!

We send our continued heartfelt condolences to the friends, family, and fans of those artists and cultural pioneers who passed forward in 2017, just a few being WCSB’s Ruta del Sabor producer and hostJuan Carrion, Mike HudsonHalim El-Dabh, Ralph Carney, and Betty French Jarmusch, And we have been graced with many special guests on shows this year, both in studio and over ye ol’ landline, with people sharing their musical gifts, and speaking up and out about things they care for. We promise more of the same in 2018, in serving our listeners with an fm and www alternative. <3



<<<<<<< AS FOR TONIGHT Y’ALL >>>>>>>

Tune in to WCSB for some New Year’s Sleaze Spectacular! Starting at 10pm Doctor Sinister and Keith Newman double team the end of 2017 and ring in 2018 with a peanut gallery of guests, and disorienting variety of music and information suckled right from the Wisdom Teat, syndicating the world you live in.

If you are up for trekking out into the roady wilds, two things we’re well aware enough to share:

At Mahall’s: DJs Himiko Gogo (WCSB Pleasure Leftists Thursdays 9-11)  & Lectric BB celebrate and cut the cosmic ribbon of the NEW dance floor through lenses of the 1980s LA beach kitsch, sci-fi universe of Julie Brown’s “Earth Girls Are Easy”, the B-52’s, and Peter Shire’s LA 1984 Olympic Village Disco!  MCs Taysu Nag & Himiko Gogo, with countdown projections from VJ Wes Johansen & Evening Son. Details on Facebook Event Page And at the Beachland: A retro 90’s NYE with Cloud Nothings. Details on Facebook Event Page

(Also, thanks to Derek Hess for the New Year’s Baby drawing. He said we could use it if we mentioned Thin Lizzy in the post. Catch Derek’s radio show “Overrated” on WCSB Wednesdays from 11am -12:30)



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