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Thu Feb 24 Movies: After Hours & Brewster McCloud

Posted by bd scott 
Thu Feb 24 Movies: After Hours & Brewster McCloud
February 16, 2011 02:22AM
Thu 2/24, 8pm: Movie Night w/ Jake Griswold
"Under-rated movies from acclaimed directors"

bela dubby
13321 Madison Ave
Lakeweird, Oh 44107

"After Hours" (1985)
An ordinary word processor has the worst night of his life after he agrees
to visit a girl in Soho whom he met that evening at a coffee shop.

"Brewster McCloud" (1970)
Brewster is an owlish, intellectual boy who lives in a fallout shelter of the Houston Astrodome.
He has a dream: to take flight within the confines of the stadium.

WCSB Deejay & Music Director Jake "Throbbing" Griswold
screens movies at bela dubby every 4th Thursday.

Re: Thu Feb 24 Movies: After Hours & Brewster McCloud
February 21, 2011 05:31PM
GAHHHH those posters are the worst! Piss-poor representations of these amazing films. Especially the "Brewster McCloud" poster, it's painful to look at. Here are some better posters...

"After Hours" (1985) is Martin Scorcese's best film. It's a dark comedy about a bunch of crazy shit that happens to some bastard over the course of one night in NYC. It was written by Joseph Minion, who also wrote the screenplay for "Motorama" and "Vampire's Kiss". "Brewster McCloud" is Robert Altman's follow-up to "MASH". He made a shitload of money off that film, and spent it on this deranged piece of cinema, which of course flopped big time and has barely been seen. It's about this weird kid (played by Bud Cort, pre-"Harold & Maude") who lives inside the Houston Astrodome and builds wings so he can fly away from this world. He's also a serial killer with a guardian angel bird that shits on people's heads with lethal poop. It's really dark and fucked up, and pretty funny too. The movies start at 8pm at Bela Dubby, they will be shown on projector and are free!! Hope to see all y'all there.

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Re: Thu Feb 24 Movies: After Hours & Brewster McCloud
February 24, 2011 05:20PM
Re: Thu Feb 24 Movies: After Hours & Brewster McCloud
February 24, 2011 10:42PM
One time I went to my neighborhood (Tremont, at the time) bar and saw my friend Mike there. He is a writer from here, who usually lives in New York, but was back here for a spell to get a break from the city. He gestured to this guy sitting at the next barstool and said "Andrew, this is my friend Will." I said Hi, and we chatted for a while. Later our friend Amy showed up, and after a while we decided to get some food. We went to the Thai Kitchen on Madison. The topic turned to movies, and Mike asked me what I'd seen recently. I replied "Not much, I haven't been going out much. I mostly sit at home and listen to records and watch TV. I've been putting "Desperately Seeking Susan" on when I go to bed and fall asleep to that." "Will's in that." "What do you mean?" "Will's the villain in that." Damn, I can be so oblivious sometimes. It was Will Patton, actor and writer. He plays Horst in "After Hours" and can be glimpsed in this clip:

Will had his hair bleached for "DSS," maybe that's why I didn't recognize him, plus it was like eight years down the line. He can be glimpsed in this awful trailer:

So Will is in at least two movies with Rosanna Arquette, who is easily one of the three best acting Arquettes...

"Have you got it yet?"
Re: Thu Feb 24 Movies: After Hours & Brewster McCloud
February 25, 2011 05:15AM
That's awesome. I like Will Patton. He stole the show in "No Way Out", and I've noticed him in movies ever since (usually in really awful Kevin Costner films, playing the villain). There is, however, no such thing as a good Arquette, especially that horrible she-beast Patricia.
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