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Giraffes On Fire playlists

Posted by GiraffesOnFire 
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
May 28, 2007 11:32PM
I can't find the playlists from my last four shows. I will find all or some of them soon, but in the meantime I figure I should post the one from today:


1. innocent when you dream (78)- tom waits
2. sailing w/ bobby- greg ashley
3. unimaginative- baptist generals

4. everything is right- velvet monkeys
5. i'm straight- modern lovers
6. she's gonna cry- onion rings
7. i see beyond- yo
8. things'll never be (live)- spacemen 3

9. there's no home- jana hunter
10. golden boy- mountain goats
11. shadowland- sun city girls (request)
12. i send my love to you- palace brothers (request)

13. (i saw) batman (in the launderette)- the shapes
14. all we want- wild stares
15. hut me more- jacobites

16. corner- mystery of two (Tonight @ Now That's Class)
17. fiscally akward- thubs up! (Tonight @ Now That's Class)
18. cheree- suicide (request)
19. anthrax- gang of four (request)

20. I can't believe it's true- halo benders
21. footprints- bill callahan
22. how will i know- xxoo
23. for ex-lovers only- black tambourine

24. i couldn't get high- the fugs
25. horizontal hold- this heat
26. pavement saw- big black
27. grapefruit- dna
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
June 19, 2007 05:39PM

1. dream of the sea- the renderers
2. zebra (live on WUAG)- man man
3. blue light room (live on WUAG)- tara jane o'neil
4. won't be long- greg ashley (@ beachland June 26)
5. crossover- destroyer

6. we're not alone- dinosaur junior
7. paranoid rant- minutemen
8. newtrition- versatile newts
9. so you say- michael hurley
10. babies- jana hunter

11. (i'm gonna) make you mine- volcano suns
12. nation saving song- lungfish (request)
14. put a straw under baby- brian eno

15. no nonsense- x_x
16. things in general- prefects
17. stabasaurus rex- breathilizor
18. points of view- country teasers

19. dungeon dance- mary timony (@ grog shop 6/11)
20. eye on you- rocket from the crypt w/ holly golightly
21. sand- calvin johnson & sons of the soil
22. dress rehearsal rag (early version)- leonard cohen
23. snake (peel session)- pj harvey

24. day of the dying alive- butthole surfers
25. mirror blanket- raccoooooon
26. pancakes, hamburgers- the pope
27. track 1- clan of the cavebear (@ Tower some time)

28. return of the rat- wipers
29. find my place- pinhead gunpowder
30. pig in a blanket- rudimentary peni
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
June 19, 2007 05:50PM

1. half machine lip moves- chrome
2. doctor buck's letter- the fall
3. crystal cat- dan deacon
4. double sider- the stars
5. bag pipe- fun

6. fresh berries for you- mountain goats
7. worried worried- mayo thompson
8. gimme dat harp boy- captain beefheart and his magic band (request)
9. the god of small things- brother mitya
10. regardless- jana hunter

11. nagasaki nightmare- crass
12. your secret is safe- the wild stares
13. age 5- the embarrassment
14. the end of radio- shellac

15. steady as she goes- shellac
16. screaming at the sea- dub trio (only part of)

17. ghosts will burn- parts and labor (request) (@ beachland 6/30)
18. dead man- dark meat
19. city calls- swan lake
20. hill valley 92501- our brother the native
21. canoe- old time relijun

22. simple as that- death of samantha
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
June 19, 2007 08:58PM
i love old time relijun. by the way, i haven't forgotten about your $7. well, i have forgotten to get it to you but i haven't forgotten that i'm supposed to!

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Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
June 27, 2007 11:45PM

1. safety of objects- anni rossi

2. hell is now love- dead c

3. deep country sorcerer- royal trux

4. kent- slint

5. genuine lulabelle- shellac

6. song from limestone country- greg ashley (@ Beachland 06/26)

7. we've got airplanes- guided by voices

8. citizens- josef k

9. desolate- mystery of two (@ Beachland 07/11)

10. sugar- the gowns

11. parents- machine go boom (@ Parish Hall 06/29)

12. grass thighs- mv & ee w/ the bummer road

13. let me down- southeast engine (@ Tower 06/28)

14. i would hurt a fly- built to spill (@ grog shop 07/02 (sold out))

15. water mind- angel in heavy syrup (request)

16. my baby digs graves- easter monkeys

17. love and peace- eater
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 15, 2007 10:53PM

1. aldrin- bardo pond
2. roserita- whitman
3. it's rough- smog
4. from the rivers to the ocean- bill callahan
5. rainsplitter- brian glaze
6. aurora- brian glaze
7. louise- ramblin jack elliott w/ tom waits
8. with god on our side (dylan)- ramblin' jack elliott (beachland 07/06)
9. important in your life- jonathan richman & the modern lovers

10. electro gnomes?
11. what we had- icky boyfriends
12. out on a wire- dead moon
13. descent into the maelstrom- radio birdman (beachland 07/07)
14. tell you brother- murder city devils
15. blood for blood- sun god
16. sunday you need love- jesus lizard
17. visage of the fox- raccoooooon

18. at the bottom- the clean
19. the purple bottle- animal collective
20. seven steps from new england- bunny brains
21. prog. 10, pt. 5 (dreamies)- bill holt
22. thirteen (big star)- elliott smith
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 16, 2007 02:51PM
yea you played racoo-oo-oon too! i only picked it on a whim cuz the name was funny but i actually ended up liking it

Drinking Electricity-all your new wave, no wave and post-punk favorites
Friday nights 9pm-11pm
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 17, 2007 12:02AM
yeah, i saw them play with old time relijun last summer and liked them so, i started playing their older album that was at the station. When they played at parish hall in april, lisa got them to donate some other stuff so we would have more than that one cd. i like raccoons.
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 17, 2007 04:37PM
I also picked up a limited edition lp at that Parish Hall show - haven't played anything from that yet. Will do so next time I'm on air.

great set list!
Anonymous User
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 23, 2007 12:48PM
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 23, 2007 11:36PM
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 24, 2007 01:06AM

1. cruise control- midnight snake
2. trilogy a) the wonder b) hyperstation z) eliminator jr.- sonic youth

3. day by day- southeast engine
4. werewolves in the city- viking moses
5. tunneling through the man- man man
6. isle of spree/ foley's halloween- sun city girls
7. micro-fish & chips- red krayola

8. happy home- bloated toads
9. love your daughters- times new viking (grog shop 07/13)
10. pitfalls- mystery of two (beachland 07/11)

11. pow wow- indian jewelry
12. phony detectives- psychedelic horseshit (parish hall 07/20)
13. texas overture- pere ubu (request)
14. today i met the girl i'm going to marry- nation of ulysses
15. baby snakes- digital dinosaurs

16. palms- jana hunter
17. lst target on the last day- melt banana
18. eggs on legs- danny & the dressmakers
19. elephant- shellac
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 24, 2007 01:16AM

1. at the back of the bus- brother mitya
2. the amm of punk rock- dead c
3. good & evil- pterodactyl (beachland 07/18)

4. knives- yo
5. size of a quarter- tree people
6. crumble- dinosaur jr.
7. second ave.- velvet monkeys

8. i want wind to blow- the microphones
9. hot to death- scout niblett (beachland 07/21)
10. as in a blender- alastair galbraith
11. nothing to one- leonard cohen

12. sing song- tea set
13. evil going on- terraplanes
14. love's insecticide- scrawl
15. A- X_X
16. step inside a worn out shoe- steve treatment
17. great ships- the renderers

18. ballad of iron cody- mummies
19. bring the curse- psychedelic horseshit (parish hall 07/20)
20. blissful myth- rudimentary peni

21. where do tears come from- brian glaze
22. boy with 100 hands- crooked fingers
23. i'm not over loving you- bill fox

24. lets talk about a civil war- this moment in black history (grog shop 07/22)
25. blank page of the blind- melt banana
26. sacred mist- midnight snake
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 24, 2007 01:29AM
Playlist 07/23/07
I had to be late so Adam, from 666 oz. of madness, played Black Sabbath for 40 minutes. Then I played these songs:

1. hopscotch pt. 2- mothfight (coming to WCSB 07/26 @ 11:30am & parish hall same night)

2. this year- mountain goats

3. imagine john lennon dead- times new viking

4. not only one- wild stares

5. once you know- my dad is dead

6. the bottle- spider bags

Then Lisa, from the experimental rotation show, played local music for an hour.
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 26, 2007 02:00AM
The hour of local music:

1. An Enemy, Burning from the Blue Ep Self-titled - Lives of the Saints

2. Universal Adapter from Natural Selection of Accidents - Self Destruct Button

3. I'm Gay and I Want To Touch Your Hair from The Long Process of Quitting - Proletarian Art Threat

4. All Stars from Got Marbles Inside - Fuzzhead

5. Track 7 from Water Roses and Gravel Flies - the x-bolex

6. The Voodoo Runs Rafeeq Down from The Little Bird - Vernacular

7. Track 3 from E.36th and Celebrity Weather Report - Land of Buried Treasure

8. Abrasion Entrance from Contract Image - A Real Knife Head

9. Piece for Water and Voice from Outside - solo John Delzoppo (Clan of the Cave Bear, Yeti Scalp)

10. Track 2 from 05 - Fluxmonkey

11. The Door is Closing from Free Speech For Sale - The Button (Press The Button + Alumni)

12. Track 12 from Remodeled X-1 The Conquest of Light Music - Paul Ryan (Press the Button Alumnus)
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
July 31, 2007 11:21PM

Adam D. covered Bart's show and then the guy he was supposed to interview called around 1pm so, I only did the second hour of my show.

1. osteocytes- dead peasant insurance
2. the drain- michael yonkers
3. death's ship pt. 5- whitman
4. panic holiday- the country teasers
5. bee to honey- tall dwarfs
6. the future is in eggs- guided by voices
7. obvious- y pants

8. equis- blonde redhead (@ HOB 08/04)
9. delicious cakes- sebadoh
10. sex (acoustic)- urinals
11. baboon's liver- thoman jefferson slave apartments
12. heart of darkness- pere ubu

13. northland- x_x
14. the bride has feet of clay- dog faced hermans
15. i know ned kennedy- fun

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Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
August 13, 2007 04:01AM
Playlist 08/06/07
Category: Music


1. going back song- baptist generals

2. silver mountain- x bolex (tower control cd release @ beachland 08/17)

3. messenger- giants of gender- (@ beachland 08/17)

4. beyond the sea- incredible string band

5. america has spoken- patton oswalt

6. not what i want- pegboy

7. alaska- dry rib

8. kitty empire- big black

9. newest new- no one & the somebodies (tonight 08/06 @ the tower)

Lisa did the second half of my show.
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
August 13, 2007 06:47AM
Does the station actually have a clean version of that new Patton Oswalt CD?
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
August 13, 2007 01:34PM
There is a radio-edit CD in the push-box with 3 tracks.
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
August 13, 2007 08:35PM
2nd half of Playlist for 8/6/07 Giraffes on Fire:

Legendary Pink Dots from The Golden Age - Lisa's Seperation

David Bowie from Scary Monsters - Ashes to Ashes

King Crimson from Starless & Bible Black - The Great Deceiver

Brian Eno from Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy - The Great Pretender

Jozef Van Wissem from Stations of the Cross - Low Mass

Giants of Gender from Hello - Quickly Sketched Trees

Praxis from Tennessee 2004 - Chopper

Giant Brain from Plume - Die Festzeit

Dan Deacon from Spiderman of the Rings - Snake Mistakes

Wm. S. Burroughs and Gus Van Sant from The Elvis of Letters - Word is Virus

Karl Blau from Dance Positive - The Business

Coleman from From LA With Love - No Strings Attached

Pedro Pietri from The United States of Poetry - Telephone Booth #905 1/2

Fursaxa from Alone in the Dark Wood - Bells of Capistrano

that's about where that hour ended
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
August 14, 2007 04:21AM

1. come down easy- spacemen 3
2. safe like a train- pterodactyl
3. frontier- denizons
4. seasons song- x-bolex (cd release beachland 8/17)
5. track 3- clan of the cavebear (beachland 8/17)
6. in the grass- midnight snake (beachalnd 8/20)
7. liquid dirt- chaz
8. mayo thompson interview
9. i'm a potato- devo (devo-tional @ beachland soon)
10. terraplane fixation- animals & men
11. movin' on- x (australian) (part of)
12. i don't know- andy stratton

Lisa did the second half again.
Re: Giraffes On Fire playlists
August 14, 2007 10:10PM
8/13/07 2nd hour:

Lichens from The Psychic Nature of Being - Shoreline Scoring
the x-bolex from This Time Next Year You'll Be Oxidizing Stone - Church
Giants of Gender from Hello - Pile
Theodore Vril from unreleased tracks - Hold the Pickle
Neptune from Patterns - On Purpose, By Accident
Clan of the Cave Bear from self-titled full-length - untitled track 10
Self-Destruct Button from Natural Selection of Accidents - Universal Adaptor
Dan Deacon from Spiderman of the Rings - Big Milk
Daniel Higgs from Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot - Hems and Seams
Catnap from Spring Is Not Here - Salty Roads
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