Krauty McKraut Show (11/1 & 10/25) Plus, Jazzy McJazz Show (
November 01, 2007 04:52PM
Krauty McKraut 11/1:

Bobby Beausoleil & Freedom Orchestra- "Lucifer Rising pt. 1" Lucifer Rising Sessions 1975-77

Gunter Schickert- "Kriegsmaschinen, fahrt zur Holle" Samtvogel 1974

PH Factor- "Rain Island" Merryjuana 1967

Friendsound- "Childhood's End" Joyride 1969

Phantom's Divine Comedy- "Tales Of A Wizard" Phantom's Divine Comedy 1974

Sam Gopal- "The Sky Is Burning" Escalator 1968

Eternal Tapestry- "New Dawn" Vibrations New Dawn ????

Sweet Kelly- "Not to Go This Far" Tape Fed Into Garbage Disposal By Spaceman and Jake 19??

Chrome- "March of the Chrome (A Cold Clamey Bombing)" Half Machine Lip Moves 1979

Astral Navigations- "Come On Home" Holyground 1970

Claudio Gabis- "Fiebre De La Ruta" Y La Pesada 1973

George Brigman & Split- "Blowin' Smoke" Blowin' Smoke/Driftin' 1977

Raven- "Raven Mad Jam" Back To Ohio Blues 1975

Chrome- "Nova Feedback" Alien Soundtracks 1977

Krauty Mckraut 10/25:

Annexus Quam- "Osmose pt. 3" Osmose 1970

Agitation Free- "Looping IV" Last 1974

Harmonia- "Deluxe" Deluxe 1975

Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Abnormally Premature Aardvarks- "You're On a Cloud" S/T 1967

Sixth Station- "Before the Snowfall" Deep Night 1982

Index- "Fire Eyes" S/T 1967

DR Hooker- "The Bible" The Truth 1972

Flower Travellin' Band- "Hiroshima" Made In Japan 1972

Far Out- "Too Many People" S/T 1973

Blow Mind- "They're Coming" (1970) Psychedelic Minds Vol. 1

The Deep- "Trip 76" Psychedelic Moods 1966

Sagittarius- "Virgo" Hotel Indiscreet/Virgo 1967

Can- "Untitled" Prehistoric Future 1968

Christian Yoga Church- "Some Damaged Yoga Chants" Turn On! Music For The Hip At Heart 1967

Les Rallizes Denudes- "Night Collectors" Heavier Than A Death In The Family 1973

Art Zoyd- "Something In Love" (1969) V/A LSD: Lost Sixties Delights Vol. 3

Grodeck Whipperjenny- "Put Your Thing On Me" S/T 1970

Faust- "It's A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl)" So Far 1972

Jazzy McJazz Show (10/23)

Albert Ayler Quartet- "Ghosts" Hilversum Session 1964

Alexandro Jodorowsky/Martin Fierro/Shades Of Joy- "Slowest & Saddest Waltz" Music Of El Topo 1970

John Berberian & Rock East Ensemble- "The Oud & the Fuzz" Middle Eastern Rock 1969

Anton Valotti- "Spiro" (1975) V/A Soundbook Music of De Wolfe Library & Background Sound

Stelvio Cipriani- "Night Club Girl" Death Walks In High Heels Soundtrack 1971

Placebo- "Balek" Balek 1973

Robert Byrne- "Aquarius" Electric Hair 1969

Moog Machine- "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" Switched On Rock 1969

Janko Nilovic- "Drug Song" Soul Impressions 1975

Dennis Coffey- "Son of Scorpio" Electric Coffey 1972

Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band- "Apache" Bongo Rock 1973

Can- "The Million's Game" (1971) V/A Kraut! Bloody Rageous!

Last Poets- "True Blues" This Is Madness 1971

Nina Simone- "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" It Is Finished 1974

Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab- "We Don't Care" Vampyros Lesbos Soundtrack 1971

Klaus Wushtoff- "Jet Clipper Suite" V/A Give Peas A Chance 1962-1977

Peter Reno- "Illinois" Illinois 1971

Larry Young- "Khalid of Space Part Two- Welcome" Lawrence Of Newark 1973

James White and the Blacks- "Stained Sheets" Off White 1978

Bruno Spoerri- "Lilith- The Dance" Gluckskugel 197?

Perrey & Kingsley- "Cosmic Ballad" The In Sound From Way Out! 1966

Hot Butter- "Popcorn" (1972) V/A Super Hits Of The 70s Vol. 9
Re: Krauty McKraut Show (11/1 & 10/25) Plus, Jazzy McJazz Show (
November 02, 2007 12:39AM
Hey Krauty, what night is that Karaoke Machine Lip Moves show at Bela Dubby? And what did you give out to Trick-or-Treaters---Amon Duul CD burns?
Re: Krauty McKraut Show (11/1 & 10/25) Plus, Jazzy McJazz Show (
November 03, 2007 09:23PM
TONIGHT, November 3rd, Come celebrate the lysergic birthdays of acid-damaged guitar gods Helios Creed and Scott Hosner with these cough syrup friendly acts:

Odradek (Tel-Aviv) - "Sipping and dipping their instruments in a fusional psychedelic odradekian teapot."

Grass Canyon (Royal Oak, Mi) - "A shape-shifting form of American attitude. The songs are catchy, dreamy, heavy, serious, quaint, wet, honest, fuzzy, messy, crunchy, loopy, worldly, structured, poppy, fun, oriental, everywhere, loud, from the third eye, satirical, blissed out, improvised, hazy, wavy, psychedelic, noisy, sexy, straightforward, comical, young, big, frustrating, elegant and all-melting."

Puffy Areolas (Toledo) - "Acid Casualties.. Real People with Real Damage. Hawkwind meets Hijokaidan at Ash Ra Tempel."

WCSB's Krauty McKraut in-between sets (Cle) - "I dj and play acid freak-out and sludge from the 60s and 70s. When you see me dj, i will burn you some sludge."

Satan's God (St. Louis) - "The Man From Planet Zoilert-Staff, creating sounds for human ears since 1990"."

PLUS: Chrome karaoke contests in between every band!

Bela Dubby is located on 13321 Madison (just west of 117th, Lakewood)

Starts at 8pm
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