Thursday, November 9, 2017

<<<<<<< THANK YOU PLEDGERS EVERYONE >>>>> We are seeing progress in our fundraising this year that gives us the glads. If you have already donated, we hope that you will let your friends know how great it feels, and encourage them to call in before Sunday at 12pm. Getting your pledges over the phone during the Radiothon helps us gauge what costs and expenditures we will be able to make for 2018, it will also help us with our planning for our Open House Receptions: Friday, November 17th from 5-9pm and Sunday, November 19 from 12-4pm. At Open House, you may drop off your donation, or if you have already donated online, pick up your reserved premium gift item, enjoy a light reception and see the studio in action.


(left) WCSB Program Director, Connor Simpson talks with guest Edwin Augustin Jr. of Evening Son. Evening Son (Edwin and Artistic Partner Nathan Geronimo) has donated, for a $450 premium donation to WCSB, a 6 hr projections/liquid light show for your event, party, concert, theater company, and includes flyer design should you need/desire it. If you didn’t catch their work at our Halloween Ball at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern, or during the Loaded concert series at the Museum of Contemporary Art this Summer (curated by WCSB DJ Lisa who hosts Mysterious Black Box on Wednesdays from 7-9pm),  you can meet Evening Son at Open House for a peek at what a liquid light installation looks like. 2 of these premium offers are available. Thank you Evening Son, and all of our premium donating partners.

(right) Jomo, host of Higher Vibes of the Carribean, Thursdays on WCSB from 1pm – 3pm is joined by Brother Love, host of Universal Soul Express, Thursdays on WCSB from 3pm – 5pm (left) to ask for your donations.



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