Saturday, November 11, 2017

We have so much to be grateful for and are brimming with a sense of community. Thank you for getting us to $33,124 as of this morning at 2am, but as of this 6pm-ish posting we are STILL Radiothoning with nearly non-stop asks and taking your phone in pledges at 216-687-6900 for 18 more hours. Many of our show hosts have offered EXTRA special premiums on their programs, including special gift cards, vinyl, cassettes, cds, and downloads of special mixtapes and hand selected artist music.

Tonight, from 8-10pm during 666oz of Madness, Adam will again be doing his very popular koozie giveaway for AT LEAST a $10 donation!  See photo and be AMAZED….



666 oz. of Madness with Adam Reynolds…on WCSB since 2007…. can be heard every Saturday from 8-10pm on 89.3FM in Cleveland, and around the world at Get your Stoner rock, Doomgaze on!

   Co-Hosts of Ruta del Sabor Juan Carrion (right) and Angelo Ortiz (left) are giving you an audio Salsa lesson every Saturday on WCSB from 4-6pm

Dziękuję Ci

Dziękuję Ci Polish Radiothon team 2017! Catch Memories of Poland on WCSB each Saturday from 12:30-2pm brought to you by Anna Klik and Monica Socheki

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