Anderson, George Lessons From the Light
Arthrell, Bill Heart’s Cargo: The Poetry of Cleveland
Barry, Brunonia The Lace Reader
Bayer, William The Dream of the Broken Horses
C-Span Traveling Tocqueville’s America
Cannon, Lou President Reagan
Chomsky, Noam The New Military Humanism
Chopra, Sanjiv Dr. Sanjiv Chopra’s Liver Book
Corsi, Jerome Atomic Iran
Coupland, Douglas Miss Wyoming
Donne, John Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions
Ellison, Ralph Juneteenth
Giardino, Vittorio No Pasaran
Gibbon, Sean Run Like Antelope
Grennan, Conor Little Princes
Koppel, Ted Off Camera
Lendt, C.K. Kiss and Sell
Lundy, Derek Godforsaken Sea
Maggio, Theresa Mattanza: Love and Death in the Sea of Sicily
Marvel Comics Girl Comics (courtesy of Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop)
Marvel Comics X-Men Origins (courtesy of Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop)
Malensky, Scott The Weekend Warriors: Paintball War Stories from 1988-Today! (Includes   Audio CD)
Morgan, Catherine Here and Beyond (Poetry)
Moore, Christopher Bite Me: A Love Story
Pekar, Harvey American Splendor Comics (A Biography of Robert McNeill)
Robinson, Granville Inside Kangaroo Court
Ross, John The War Against Oblivion: The Zapatista Chronicles
Schonberg, Marcia Quick Escapes: Cleveland
Scottoline, Lisa Legal Tender
Sheraton, Mimi The Bialy Eaters
Singer, Fred Calientamiento: Global Imparable (En Espanol)
Singer, Katie The Wholeness of Broken Heart
Siebert, Diane Cave (Children’s Book)
Siebert, Diane Sierra
Smith, Micheal K. The Madness of King George
Trevanian Shibumi
Turner, Ann Shaker Hearts (Collection of Paintings)
Warren, Kenneth Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch (courtesy of Mac’s Backs)
Williams, Tad Otherland: Sea of Light Vol. 4
Weschler, Lawrence Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonderful
Wayne, Jonathan Cleveland: A Portrait of the City (Book of Photographs)
Woodrell. Daniel Tomato Red
Zane Total Eclipse of the Heart
Zurcher, Neil One Tank Trips and Tales From the Road
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