Monday, January 25, 2016

February Update:

Premiums have been shipped! If you have made your donation but not yet received your requested premium, you can contact our Development Director at If you ordered an XL-XXXL hoodie, a coffee mug, or record bag, your order may be backordered, in which case there will be an additional wait.

Original Post:

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, there’s been a significant delay in shipping out Radiothon premiums. We’re sorry the wait for your premiums has been so long. Admittedly, it’s been egregious. Because we’re all students, there’s always a delay between Radiothon and shipping. Finals week is shortly after Radiothon, which places all of our attention on our studies.

Unfortunately, this year we’ve had some complications in receiving the shipping materials we need to send out premiums. We need to go through our university to order anything, which can be a difficult process (especially in light of recent changes). Having ordered the shipping materials after our finals week, we’re dealing with the tail end of this process at the moment. In retrospect, addressing this need before Radiothon would have prevented this issue. We’ll be sure to account for this next year.

For the time being, we ask for a bit more of your patience. The support you and others have shown WCSB are allowing us to make improvements and repairs that we hope will improve your experience as a WCSB listener. Most notably, our online archives are currently being repaired. It’s a complicated process, but we expect that they will be up and running smoothly by early March. We are also planning to add the infrastructure to hold digital music in our library. We will still be spinning plenty of vinyl, but by finally stepping into the 21st century we will be able to bring you much more music. We are also aspiring to put on a few new events! The donations we’ve received will hopefully improve our capabilities to do so in the near and distant future.

Thank you for donating during Radiothon. We apologize for our inefficiencies in sending you your premiums.

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